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This collection exists of a set of stools that tell a story by the way they look and evoke a specific atmosphere. Different upholstering brings up different associations. The starting point for my collection is doing research into how we deal with small spaces. The collection of stools that I designed is intended for an audience that is looking for smart and intriguing ways to manage their spaces and products. Storing funiture often means that furniture needs to be out of sight. My stools won’t be put out of sight but instead will be displayed in their unusual and unused state. The collection is composed of 4 stools, a bench and a barstool. The material used are beechwood, oakwood, animal skin and jackets.

My products are for sale! If you would like to make a purchase, feel free to contact me! All prices are tax included, but without shipping costs. A hangup nail is included. If you would like your own flexible material to be used in a stool, it is possible to buy one without an animal skin. I’ll make everything separate by hand, so every material will fit the stool perfectly.


Product photos and videos by Merel Oenema
bigshaun littleshaun billy gary rudolf_web smokey
Big Shaun Little Shaun Billy Gary the Goat Rudolf Smokey
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