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Reframed for Tentworx

Reframed Collection

Every year Tentworx searches for an upcoming design talent that likes the challenge to design something new with existing materials from Tentworx. “Reframed” is a special collaboration between Tentworx and Tijn van Orsouw.

Reframed Chair

This chair is designed from tent fabric to give an old tent a second life. The material comes with his own characteristics that fits for a all weather chair. It is weather proof, strong, and forms too the body. The way tents are build up, the mobility and robust shapes was starting point for the Reframed chair. After a lot of experimentation I found a way to fix the chair and build up a clear design. The round shape from the fabric seems to float in a robust frame.



Reframed Chandelier

Tentworx was searching for a general light systems that fits the stretch tents. That’s why we came up with the idea to make big chandeliers around the poles in the middle of the tent. The design is very mobile and easy to build up like tents are designed. The system is inspired by how the pull string puppet works. The chandelier works independent and holds up his arms by the tension of the power cables. The chandelier creates a unique warm atmosphere for the whole tent by using warm LED’s. Therefor it is also where new technology and nature material comes together.