Bottle Garden

Date: October 30-01-2019
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For Salveo we were asked to design a (green) relation gift. We started the project by looking into growing your own herbs.
After we found out that we could transmit water by using cotton thread and bottles can be used as reservoir, we decided to melt these objects function and shape together to create the ideal environment for growing your own herbs. Now you can, for example, grow your herbs on the windowsill that is self-sufficient and insightful!

Dutch Design Week 2018

Date: October 20 – 28
Address: Plan-B, Eindhoven
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Tijn van Orsouw shows his newest project Light Composers including the new Lamps. Using the processes he developed during the in4nite project in 2017. This collection consists of a series wherein he combines new folding techniques utilizing the Colback non-woven material and an inner light-source that gives direction to the material and fixes it. These worlds combined give a nice new atmosphere to the lamp. Next to this he will show a new project called “Buttons” Where he exhibits a fresh interactive way of handling light switches and buttons. In this collection you will find out the importance of interacting with our surrounded objects.

FDFA – HereRightNow . store for future essentials

Date: June 1 – July 8
Address: Johnny van Doornplein 4
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Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (OPA) shows a pop-up shop with 10 Arnhem designers & labels.
We are selected to represent our collection Livestock and our new work Lightcomposers during the month June.
Products are for sale and we will presentate prototypes and experiments.
We would like to see you there!


Salone Del Mobile 2018

Date: April 17 – 22
Address: Via Paisiello 6, Milano
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From 17-22 April, we present our work at Salone del Mobile in Milan. We are going to exhibit our latest collection, Lightcomposers and are located at the new location of Ventura Projects, Named Ventura Future at the FuturDome Building, via Paisiello 6.
We would like to see you there!

Frame Magazine

Date: March 28, 2018
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Our work mentioned by Frame Magazine “Tijn Van Orsouw’s Light Composer is a unique adjustable window shade. Light Composer rethinks bland, one-dimensional window shades with its interesting concertina folds, which create a new play of light in interiors.”

Dutch Design Week 2017

Date: October 22 – 30
Address: Strijp TQ, Eindhoven
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Designers use their expertise for creating a variety of fascinating designs and products based on the technical textile, Colback, supported by the expertise of Low & Bonar. in4nite enables Low & Bonar to provide relevant design solutions extrapolating the aesthetical and functional properties of the Colback Technology.