For Salveo Pharma we created a new fruit bowl as promotional gift. Salveo Pharma “Creating Healthcare Solutions” has since 2015 expertise and experience in OTC, the basis of Salveo Pharma’s success. In a short while, they managed to bring their brands on a higher level, thanks to the bold creativity and market knowledge, fulfilling consumers’ healthcare needs. Product Designer Tijn van Orsouw created this unique fruit bowl for Salveo Pharma. For this design, he used different parts, each with their specific meaning. The wooden clutch, being the bottom and basis of the bowl, represents the core of the company: the team and the means supporting the brands. The test tubes represent the different brands bearing the fruit in the bowl. At the same time do they communicate the (pre)clinical proof of efficacy of the brands. A reliable basis for a healthy future growth!

Collection: Salveo

Materials: Wood, Plastic, carton

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Dimensions per model:
30 x 30 cm

‘A reliable basis for a healthy future growth!'

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