Light composer Lamps

This collection consists of a series wherein he combines new folding techniques utilizing the Colback non-woven material and an inner light-source that gives direction to the material and fixes it. Using the processes he developed during the in4nite project in 2017. These worlds combined give a nice new atmosphere to the lamp. Tijn looked at a way he could use the Lightcomposers with artificial light instead of sunlight In this way,you can control the light to create a comfortable atmosphere. He used round TL-Lighting as a center of the lamp,which is holding the material together in the right shape, different than the other products of this collection were he uses steel wire to transport the textile.

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Collection: Lightcomposers Lamps

Materials: Colback, Steelwire, Electronics, Round lightsource

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Dimensions per model:
96 x 96 x 10 cm - Wall
90 x 90 x 30 cm - Pendant

"These worlds combined give a nice new atmosphere to the lamp"
Photography: Heals
Lightcomposer Pendant Lamp
Lightcomposer Wall Lamp

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