Sense of smell

For Salveo Pharma – “Growing strong brands by creating healthcare solutions”
Since the beginning of 2015 are many years of expertise and experience in OTC, the basis of Salveo Pharma’s success.
In a short while, we managed to bring our brands on a higher level, thanks to our bold creativity and market knowledge, fulfilling consumers’ healthcare needs.
We created for the 5th anniversary the Aroma Diffuser for Salveo. This is an unique smell mechanism that you can switch on and off. By the shape you can take it by the handle everywhere you want. By turning the bottle to the scented stone you can create your beloved smell right where you want.

Collection: Salveo

Materials: Rvs steel, scented stone, plastic bottle and scented oil.

Look at all models.
Dimensions per model:
12 x 7 x 19 cm

"Create your beloved smell right where you want"

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