Viola 2

199,00 Incl Tax
Viola Dressboys
Ceramics, plywood and steel
55 x 20 x 25 cm
1.5 kg

Viola is the chic lady who wears that adorable dress the 364 days you don’t. Viola is the convenient lady who doesn’t peek when you step out of the shower and helps you dry your towel super quick. Viola is the loyal lady in the hallway who doesn’t despise your soaked coat. “Products should not be tucked away in closets, they have to be a part of the interior. They should engage in a vivid play with their users, in order to be truly appreciated.” That is the opinion of designers Tijn van Orsouw and Roos Sanders, who designed this clothes hanger together. This hanger combines their two worlds. Tijn uses functional solutions to shape an aesthetic image, Roos brings characters into the interior to create a feeling of safeness in a home.